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Fringe Friday!


Fringe Friday!

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i actually recently started fringe(in june) but i think i cried upon reaching the last page of your blog. i've spent the last 5 hours on nothing else whatsoever.

Aw :) thank you! Hope you’re enjoying the series! (and Josh and Anna of course too ;)) if you ever wanna talk about the show or fangirl with someone, definitely come visit me on my personal blog @subject13fringe !! ;) ❤️

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Make me choose:        ↳ anonymous asked: Joshua Jackson or Anna Torv Torvson


Make me choose:
        ↳ anonymous asked: Joshua Jackson or Anna Torv Torvson

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Torvson "I love you"s and Josh's hands

Anna smiled to herself as she laid in bed, tucked at Josh’s side. She was absently playing with his hands, running her finger against his palm, tracing over every little grove, letting her mind run wild the idea of them skating across her bare skin, holding her close. She shivered and sighed a little.

"Tell me what’s running through that beautiful mind of yours…" Josh prompted softly and she merely shook her head.

“Just thinking…”

“About what?”

She pursed her lips with a rueful little smile. “About how much I love these hands.” He gave her a funny look as Anna brought them to her lips and softly kissed each palm. “And I was thinking about how… I love you.

He took a deep breath, letting the relief wash over him. He’d been waiting weeks to tell her how he felt but he kept letting his fears get to him. But Anna did love him. He could see that now and the final affirmation of the fact only made it sweeter.

“I love you too.” He whispered happily.

Send me a torvson thing

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"I could get used to this."

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Dare: write a 10 sentence torvson fic about them right after sex :)





Anna rolled over off of him, struggling to catch her breath. Wiping the sweat from his forehead, he chuckled. “Holy shit.” Josh cursed.

Hiding a little smile, she snuggled herself against his body, embracing the heat radiating from him. “Glad you agree.” She quipped, fingers stroking down his chest.

"I don’t know where you learned that, I don’t think I even want to know, but oh my god Torv."

She smirked to herself as he shook his head in disbelief.

He didn’t even know that half of it…



What about a prequel to this folks? Here goes:


Astraddle Josh who was still lost in his bliss, Anna started to remove her blouse. But not the smirk on her face. It was so much more exciting with her clothes still on, she thought, and of course it allowed her to add the finishing touch. She unfastened her bra then slid out of it with that smooth shoulder twist of hers.

“Open!” she said huskily to an astonished Josh.

Torv, what are you doing? he wanted to ask, but couldn’t.

Instead, his jaw dropped, and Anna softly gagged him with her creamy underwear. She felt his instant reaction inside her and cocked one satisfied eyebrow—this trick had never failed her. Her hips slowly began again, while the green pools of her eyes stared at him unblinkingly.

“You didn’t really think I was finished yet, Josh, did you?”


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Happy Torvson birthday 2014! <3

Happy Torvson birthday 2014! <3

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I have this problem where I would much rather read the story I’m trying to write than actually write it.

i’ve been looking for this post my entire life

you put it in words

#i want it to spring into existence already written for me #but i don’t want someone else to write it because they’ll do it wrong

I relate to this so much.

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What's your favorite Torvson scene/kiss on Fringe? :)

You mean besides Welcome To Westfield obviously, right? Haha :P

Ok so yeah I just really really really adore their kiss in Brave New World Part 2 after Olivia tells Peter she’s pregnant. Because they pull away from each other and that was supposed to be the end of the scene but then it’s like Josh decides he’s not done just kind of leads forward and keeps going and its so sweet and cute and ugghhhh


Also those 4 episode where they cuddle in bed. I like those scenes too :) Oh and when Anna just hurtles all of her sex appeal at him in The Box and completely goes to town on him on that couch. that was spectacular :) :) ;)